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What People Are Saying About WP Pros

Sherwyn was able to understand me – a non-technical business owner who was handed a website by my designers with very little tutoring and no maintenance plan. EVERY TIME I write a note to Sherwyn, I receive a response and the update or edit is performed on my site with out a fuss. I am beyond grateful for his hard work and dedication.

Thank you all so much for the excellent work you do. I had hired another WP outfit and essentially it was as if I took my car into a shop that had 4 wheels and tires on it. What I got back was a site with 3 wheels and 3 tires and was told that my site was fixed where clearly it was left in worse shape – and they wanted me to purchase more tickets in order to clean it up. Thus I turned to you all and in no time, not only did I have the 4th wheel and tire back up. The site is even better than before. So many thanks for your outstanding work and excellent customer service which is far better than the other so called WP fixit companies.

I’ve hired WordPress help in the past for my business site, but WP Pros has been the best I’ve found. They are extremely responsive with every request I’ve made; honest as well. I’m very pleased with their services!

I recently made the switch from to and was struggling initially with various aspects of that transition, as I opted to do it myself. I discovered WP Pros and signed up immediately, as I had several issues that I needed help with but I was hesitant to hire a full-time developer. I couldn’t be happier with my decision, as they have helped me solve multiple problems in just my first week and have helped me to feel much more confident and comfortable navigating the tech side of running and hosting my own blog. The peace of mind that comes with their service is worth the price alone.

For a long time, I’ve suffered as a small business owner to ensure my website is up, optimized and running at all times. I battled with finding a provider that was consistent with their work, responsive and not so expensive. The WP Pros team are fast, friendly, affordable, honest, reliable and effective! I highly recommend their services.

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Real Examples of Requests

Hi WP Pros,

My site is down – please fix this ASAP.

Hi WP Pros,

Help! Our site seems to be hacked and the links redirect to a pharmaceutical site. Please help fix this ASAP.

Hi WP Pros,

There is a new version of Divi Theme that we use for our site. I have attached the ZIP file of the theme. Please update this site theme for us.

All of our customizations are in the child theme but to be safe, please check the front end for any issues.

Hi WP Pros,

Since updating my plugins this morning, several pages of the site display Page not Found. Can you please check
what went wrong and resolve this?

Hi WP Pros,

We have received notifications that there are 7 plugins on our site that need to be updated. Please update them and check that everything works fine on the front end after the update.

Hi WP Pros,

Our version of WordPress is not up to date. Please update it to the latest version and check if there are issues after update, then fix as necessary.

Also, please note that there is a custom file under /centric-pro/functions.php. Make sure to backup that file and upload again after the update if it has been removed, because it stores the custom functions for our site.